Unlocking the Potential of GPT-3: How We Helped a Startup Automate Content Generation and Boost Revenue by 6%

Bootstrapped startup with $5M in ARR needed help with implementing a new feature of their product based on GPT-3


Discover how we helped this startup to build their new feature to automate content generation with GPT-3. With over 20 team members and $5M in ARR, this startup wanted to leverage the latest language models without getting stuck in technical details and focus on more critical aspects of their business, while we increase their revenue by 6%.

What we've done

1. Built a prototype that can be used by non-technical users.

2. Integrated the model with their existing system

3. Built a pipeline that can scale up to support their growing user base

4. Changed the company's approach to AI development

This startup asked as to help

— Build a POC

— Switching from POC to a scalable solution

— Integrate the model with their existing software

— Provide guidance on best practices of AI development

We built a tool that could generate thousands of pieces of content, with varying topics and formats. This feature helped the company to bring new clients to the table and increase its revenue by 6%.

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