Elevating Conversational AI for a Series A Startup: How We Leveraged NLP to Increase Retention by 12%

Series A startup needed help with the chatbot dialogue engine


Discover how we helped this startup leverage the latest advances of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. With over 50 team members and 10M+ users it was time to upgrade their dialogue engine to match their ambitions.

WIth their retention improved by 12% this San-Fransisco-based Series A startup on its way to becoming the leading Conversational AI in the US.

What we've done

1. Data mining & filtering

2. Dialogue component development

3. Model optimisation

4. CI/CD & Deployment

This startup asked us to help

— Collect dialogue data

— Design a system for their dialogue engine

— Optimise their software performance

— Provide a guidance on the next steps for model improvement

Improving the quality of the dialogue engine was a crucial step in increasing their revenue. Together we have designed a new system for their dialogue engine and packed that in a production-ready solution

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