Ethics in AI: Opportunities and Challenges

May 28. 2023

Ethics in AI: Opportunities and Challenges, a Discussion with Timothy Bates, CTO of Global Accounts Business at Lenovo

In this episode of the Unleashing AI podcast, your host Pavel Fakanov is joined by Timothy Bates, CTO of Global Accounts Business at Lenovo. They discuss the current state of technology and ethics in AI and the challenges of ethics in AI and machine learning. Timothy also highlights that  AI is now a part of our daily lives in various life-assisting tools.  They also discuss the potential for AI to help with ethics by incorporating cultural rules and governance ideas from multiple cultures.

Join them as they:

  • Talk about ethical challenges around AI
  • Discuss using “big rules” to build an ethical framework around AI
  • Agree that don’t limit technology; use it the right way
  • Discuss if AI will replace humans at work.

Tim is a seasoned IT Professional with a reputation for inspired and innovative thinking. Tim brings over 30 years of experience at global enterprises like Lenovo, GM, Deloitte & Touché LLP, and Dow Chemical. He has a proven track record of solving complex challenges facing large organizations today.

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