Demystifying AI Adoption

May 28. 2023

Demystifying AI Adoption: Insights from Katie King, CEO of AI in Business

In this episode of the Unleashing AI podcast, your host Pavel Fakanov is joined by Katie King, CEO of AI in Business, A future-focused consultancy dedicated to helping businesses maintain a competitive edge in the age of AI. The free-flowing discussion pivots around adopting AI across different business processes at companies, specifically focusing on how AI can help make sales and marketing more efficient. Katie touches on the need to ask the right questions and set clear expectations when adopting AI and the need to train and upskill the workforce at companies so that they can derive the maximum benefit from AI adoption.

Join them as they:

  • Discuss how startups and smaller companies can adopt AI
  • Discuss the common challenges faced while adopting AI
  • Define the process of successful integration of AI at companies
  • List the steps that companies should take to prepare for AI integration

Katie King is the CEO of AI in Business, and a published Author, Keynote Speaker, and Consultant on Artificial Intelligence, STEM, leadership, and business transformation.

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