How is AI Enabling Cybersecurity

May 28. 2023

How is AI Enabling Cybersecurity: A Discussion with Ambuj Kumar, Co-Founder at Fortanix

In this episode of the Unleashing AI podcast, your host Pavel Fakanov is joined by Ambuj Kumar, Co-Founder at Fortanix, a company that provides multi-cloud data security, secrets management, data encryption, confidential computing, and tokenization. Ambuj walks us through the latest AI applications that help provide a security shield across multi-cloud networks. He also touches on confidential computing and provides a security checklist that all companies should maintain.

Join them as they:

  • Discuss how different companies are using AI in the cybersecurity space
  • Discuss the key drivers of confidential computing
  • Share a checklist of security best practices that all companies should follow
  • Explain the difference in security requirements at startups and enterprises

Ambuj Kumar is the Co-Founder at Fortanix, and in his own words, he describes himself as a sucker for passionate people wanting to make a dent in the security space despite all challenges and being allergic to know-it-alls and snake oil.

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